Joys of European Caravanning



You will notice the Layout has changed after 14th Trip due to my Server changing to new Web Design Editor.  Unfortunately some of the website addresses have changed since 2014 and no longer work mostly because they should read https instead of http 

Rules of Dash Cams in Europe:


 Prepare to drive in EU after Brexit. 

What all drivers from the UK may need to do to drive in the EU and EEA if the UK leaves without a deal on 12th April.


It was a big and reluctant decision to make but due to my husbands mobility being not so good all the Caravan Jobs were getting a real chore for him that in early May the Caravan was sold.

Due to being married 60 years in August it was decided to do something very different for our holiday in 2018 by booking a River Cruise in late August.

Though the Caravan has gone maybe a smaller one will replace it, but at the moment our son ha bought a small Elddis Avante which we can use at any time so we will see how we will get along with it.

Joys of European Caravan will live on in a slightly different format by covering our British Caravan Trips and our trips to Europe without a Caravan.

I hope this website will continue to be a success as it is the love of my life. I will be updating all information as usual.

I am continuing with being Co Administrator too on CaravanChat Forum where lots of information can be found on Caravanning in the UK and Europe. Link htpp:// 



THIS WINTER/SPRING I have been doing Routes to Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia for Visitors or Members of this my Website.                                                                                                                                                                                      The Route contains Campsites we have used over the past 14 years 80% of them taking the ACSI Camping Card.  With this a Map is supplied of the Route which if you don't want to book ahead allows you to see a possible route to use.  Please email me at and I will contact you back for details of your planned time in the above Countries.

This website is quite useful if you want more from your EHIC Health Card for travelling abroad.  This is for a FREE CARD and is not a fee paying site which some people have been unfortunate in dealing with.

Link Here

If you are interested in joining a very friendly New Caravan/Motorhome Forum look here at